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Career Opportunities

Current and typical mandates:

Our clients have consistent requirements for:

  • Quant Trader/Portfolio Manager (“Black-box”, Automated Trading strategies: Intraday/High-Frequency, Statistical Arbitrage, Mean reversion, Trend, Event-driven, Automated Market-Making) – Multi-strategy Hedge Fund, US/UK/HK
  • High- and Mid- Frequency Quantitative Researchers – for Hedge Funds/Prop Trading and Electronic Market-Making, US/UK/HK
  • HFT/Market-Microstructures Quants-Automated /Electronic Market-Making and Prop Trading, US
  • C++/JAVA/Linux/Low-Latency/HFT Systems, Equities and FX – IB and Hedge Fund, NY
  • Linux/Windows Systems Engineers/Low-latency/HFT-Hedge Fund/Prop Trading Firm, NY
  • C#/ASP.NET Developer - pricing and risk management systems – Fixed Income Hedge Fund, NY/Boston
  • C++/C# Quant Developer – quant strategies/risk analytics development, Hedge Fund, Boston
  • Market Data Analyst – Greenwich, CT

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